Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jackass 3D

I'm a huge fan of Jackass. I think its extremely funny and highly entertaining. Watching grown men creatively come up with ways to hurt themselves is just highly amusing in my opinion. However, I felt the Jackass crew could have done better this time around. Although I'm not gonna go into specifics I thought some of the pranks/acts didn't live up to the essence that is Jackass. Don't get wrong there are funny, outrageous, and disgusting parts to the film (which almost made me joke) but I did walk in expecting a bit more. They relied too much on the slow motion shots where regular speed would have been suffice. Furthermore, perhaps some of the overall essence was different because they weren't hammered on the set or used footage while they drunk. This is mainly due to Steve-O's recovery, which in the whole grand scheme of things was a great sign of support and respect so I can't really argue with that. Is Jackass 3D worth seeing? Yes, especially if you're a true fan but I personally felt the first two were better.

Overall: B

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