Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Top 15 Comic Book Movies-Part 2

10. Watchmen (2009) - If you can get past looking at a big blue cock for half the movie this film is awesome. The comic book has a huge following and I was happy that they stayed true to the story. Much different than the other comics on this list because it touched upon a real issue…The Cold War and the paranoia it created in the world. This is just an all around good movie that has great CGI, excellent dialogue, and very good actors. Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach was definitely the best part of this movie. Although Rorschach does suffer from some sort of mental disorder his sense of justice is extremely accurate. Even though these super heroes were regular people without powers, with the exception of Dr. Manhattan, they were extremely badass and ruthless. They saw no problems breaking a man’s arm or leg just to make a point. Dr. Manhattan’s continuous disconnection to humans was also very intriguing. Here is a regular man who suffers a science accident and then is given the powers of a god. However, he feels nothing for humanity. This is clearly represented when he watches his fellow crime fighter, The Comedian, blow away his own Vietnamese baby mama in bar.

9. The Punisher (2004) - Forget the 1980’s Dolph Lundgren version. The 2004 remake with Thomas Jane and John Travolta was one of the best Marvel movies created. It was true to the comic. It had vicious death scenes carried out by the killing machine known as Frank Castle aka The Punisher. Many critics and Hollywood executives consider this movie a flop because it didn’t do well in the box office. While that may be true I don’t consider if a movie is bad or good by the amount of money it makes. The script was very good, the story was depressing (which it should be), the acting was strong, and there was a lot of live action instead of CGI. This film is underrated. Talk to any true comic fan and they’ll tell you the same. My best guess for why this film didn’t do well in the box office was because it was rated R. Therefore, the movie isn’t going to attract the younger crowd as a PG-13 comic book movie would. Also, the studio did not put that much work into promoting it.

8. Blade (1998) - A lesser known comic book character by the general public but definitely not among fans. Blade brings us into the world of vampires and the title characters mission to vanquish them. Half-human and half vampire Blade possesses all the strengths of a vampire but has none of their weaknesses. Nicknamed the Daywalker, Blade is not a person to fuck with whether you’re human or vampire. Wesley Snipes was the perfect match for this character. His attitude was intense and dark, his martial arts were on point (Snipes is a black belt), and his delivery was authentic. A surprising performance did not come from Snipes or the bad guy played by Stephen Dorff actually. Instead it came from country /folk singer Kris Kristofferson. His character was raw, unpolished, and cursed like a trucker. I really like the realness that Kristofferson protrayed in the character. Finally, Blade is a great movie because it shows vampires for what they really…blood sucking fiends who will kill anyone whether it’s for food or fun . This is unlike the pussies in Twatlight….no I didn’t mistakenly misspell it.

7. Superman II (1980) - This where they should have went with Superman Returns. I don’t necessarily mean the same villain but an adversary that gives Superman a real challenge. This film is unique because it started with one director Richard Donner, who directed the first one and 75% of the second, and ended with Richard Lester. While the reasons are not that important for this post Superman II is definitely a worthy sequel. You see Superman battle several obstacles in this film: foes from his home planet who have the same powers, sacrificing his own powers to be with Lois Lane who now knows the truth, and this is all coupled with the fact that he abandoned his responsibilities as Earth greatest protector. To atone for his sin and save Earth from destruction we finally see Superman kick some Kryptonion whoop-ass, however it’s his intellect and wit that seals victory.

6. Spider-Man (2002)- Spider-Man was the second Marvel storyline to be released and this film came to have a huge impact on comic book fans and the general audience alike. True to the comic in almost every way Spider-Man captured the attention and wallets of everyone. The well written script and direction under Sam Raimi allowed the movie to progress smoothly. The love story between Peter and Mary-Jane made it acceptable for female non-comic book fans to enjoy the movie. The flawless special effects mixed with live action stunts provided great entertainment for all. As you watch Spider-Man web-sling through New York City you’re able to see what he sees due to the intense CGI. At its core Spider-Man is about a teenage boy who obtains spider powers which force him to become a man in a short period of time. Simultaneously both of his identities must deal with numerous issues thus testing his own character.
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  1. Comic books and their movie versions are not really my thing, but damn, I am impressed with your knowledge of the genre

  2. Thanks Nicole. This comes from YEARS of reading storylines and watching comics on tv. I then discovered porn but I can't discuss that here. This isn't the place to write about that stuff. LOL!