Thursday, April 1, 2010

Actor of the Month: Ed Norton

Why: One of the best actors in the last 20 years hands down. Ed Norton is an actor who is so dedicated to each role he takes on that he brings the films to another level. The character’s he portrays are always drastically different from the previous and his skill allows him to reinvent himself thus bringing the characters to life. Not only is he highly skilled when it comes to acting but he’s also very smart about his selection of roles. This is a good trait to have because one could end up like Ben Affleck after Good Will Hunting who took on every role that came his way. Another factor that makes Norton so good is his diverse experience with the different types of genres: comedy (Death to Smoochy), drama (American History X, 25th Hour, Rounders), action (Fight Club, The Incredible Hulk), thriller (Red Dragon, Primal Fear). Among his entire resume Fight Club, American History X, and Primal Fear stand out the most. His character transformation in American History X is astounding and it’s extremely hard not to feel the pain he endures. In Fight Club, Norton’s character found life boring and repetitive forcing him to question the meaning of everything even his own sanity. As for Primal Fear, we see his ability to fool the other characters and the audience. For parts of the movie he looks so angelic and innocent however this is only done to hide the cunning devil inside.

If I had to choose five current actors whose career I could have Ed Norton’s would definitely be one of them. His dedication to the art of acting is only rivaled by few. Therefore, Ed Norton I award you the Actor of the Month.


  1. Agree wholeheartedly! Though, i always hear things about him being a real jerk on set; demanding, "diva" behavior and such. I hope it's not true but he's a great actor either way.

  2. I wouldn't be surprised if that was true but I hope not.

  3. Edward Norton is one of my favorites too! Do you know what his next project is?

  4. Leaves of Grass...he plays twin brothers from the south and one is pot dealer and the other is an Ivy League professor. Its a comedy.

    Stone- also starring Robert DeNiro- about an arsonist maninpulating his parole officer

    The Avengers- he picks up his role as Bruce Banner (The Incredible Hulk) and the team is formed