Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rumors on the Riddler and Robin for Batman 3

The Movie Blog.com has reported rumors that three actors are being considered for the role of The Riddler. As of now, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Tom Hardy are the names being thrown around. All three men starred in Nolan's Inception therefore it is no surprise why he may have narrowed it down to those three particular guys. Each actor is highly talented, extremely versatile, have worked with Nolan previously, and can definitely pull it off.

Some of you may not know who Tom Hardy is but he has been around for a while only picking up heat in the last year or so. Hardy also starred in Guy Ritchie's 2008 film RocknRolla, 2008's Bronson (where he put on 42lbs of muscle to play the title role), and the 2004 film Layer Cake (a great drug movie without all the addiction). Most importantly, in each film he clearly stood out from his co-stars. If either Hardy or Levitt get the role of the Riddle King be sure that their career will sky-rocket. While I have no problem at all with DiCaprio being casted as the villain I would rather see it go one of the other guys. Personally, I feel the character of The Riddler fits Hardy and Levitt's style a bit better than Leo's. I'm pushing of Levitt to get the part.

Lastly, IMDB has reported that an unknown actor by the name of Cody Sousa to play Dick Grayson aka Robin. IMDB has listed this as a "Rumor" so you can't take this seriously until its confirmed by Nolan himself and/or the studio. I'm somewhat torn on whether Robin should be in the third film or not. Previously, Nolan has been open with his feelings about Robin and that he would never be in his version of Batman. Has he had a change of heart? Who knows? I just feel that since this is said to be the last Batman film under Nolan's direction it would a bit late to bring in The Boy Wonder. With that being said, I'm very confidant that if Robin is in the third installment Nolan will treat the character correctly.

What do you guys think? Who's going to get the role of The Riddler? Should Robin be brought in or not?


  1. I would have to agree with the Movie Titan on Levitt's styling of the Riddler. The Riddler is an extremely dynamic character full of narcissistic tendencies, obsessive compulsion and forms of neurosis. Using riddles and puzzles to lead the Dark Knight to his ultimate plan, he is the Wayne's true arch enemy when it comes to the human thought process. The Riddler carries himself as an intellectual superior and I believe Gordon Levitt can truly present this character in its truest form. His role in Inception truly gave his foundation to possess the talent and tools to pull off such a dastardly nemesis. I must add he also has the body type and facial structure for this role. All in all, I truly hope he is granted the part.

    As far as Robin is concerned, Nolan really has to make this work well. The Batman is a loner. Anytime I picture Robin...I picture the "homosexual" tendencies of the Adam West days. I need a really dark and bad-ass Boy Wonder to be okay with this character. I was more a fan of Dick Grayson's Nightwing than I was of the green, red and yellow wearing Boy Wonder we all remember from our childhood. But throughout the character's history, they have shown a "darker" improvement to Robin. Even during the Animated Series days, the Boy Wonder started to take on a more "dark look" with a black cape, outlined by yellow on the inner portion and a dark red (almost maroon) costume. If anyone could pull this off, my main man Chris Nolan can!

    I will say that there should be one more "realistic" character thrown into this series...The Penguin. I'm not talking the decrepit Penguin of the Tim Burton days, but that of the DC Universe world. I am talking of the corrupt and political billionaire, Oswald CobblePot. I could go on for pages about how to size up this character and how you could tie it in with the Riddler, but I may want to write my own script one day ;). If I were to choose a Penguin right now, I would have my casting director go after Philip Seymour Hoffman.

    The Dark Knight has been my favorite character since childhood. Though I am a large fan of the Man of Steel as well, Batman has always had a special place for me. I can't begin to tell you how impressed I was with both Begins and Dark Knight. The saga of his training in the culture of the ninja, his use of fear against his opponents, the importance of a murder-less defense system, formulating his arsenal of gadgets and weapons, relationship with Rhas Al Ghul, the "eternal" battle between that of the Bat and the Joker, etc. Nolan gave terrific backgrounds for all the heroes and villains of these stories. All in all, everything tied together so well. Batman 3 will be the end of an era; one many fans of the Dark Knight will not want to conclude.

  2. I agree that, out of those three, Gordon-Levitt seems like the most logical choice. I think Hardy is an insanely good actor, but something tells me The Riddler isn't right for him.

    I also agree about IMDb and how they should wait to post casting choices until they are completely official. I have a feeling the "Robin" character will disappear from the film's page pretty soon, simply because of what Nolan said before. Christian Bale was also adamant about not including a Robin; I believe he said he'd leave the movies if Robin was written in.

  3. I agree that I like Gordon-Levitt best as The Riddler but Tom Hardy is just SO amusing in Inception that I think he would just elevate that role. I don't really see Leo doing it. I feel he would be better as a darker villain. (i'm not so intimately knowledgeable about the story to know which one)

    What's the beef with the Robin character? Its part of the Batman story, no? Why is it so shunned? Too homoerotic for you fellas?

  4. @Tommy G: I completely agree with you in all aspects especially Robin. We would need to see the true Robin who was a young boy shocked with his parents death. Indeed his character would have to be dark, which is why I really liked when he became Nightwing. He finally entered his own element. Hoffman is definitely the perfect choice for The Penguin and its a shame they haven't explored that option. But who knows just yet.

    @ Danny King: Part of me has the same feeling with IMDB. They always post things as rumored one day and then the next its gone. But at times its nice to read. I fully believe that Bale said that especially after his triad on Terminator Salvation.

    @ Anonymous: Yes, Robin is part of the Batman story. He's an integral part to the overall story and Batman/Bruce Wayne character. Bruce sees a lot of himself in Robin which is why he took him under his wing (no pun). Robins parents died suddenly just liked Batman's. Furthermore, the character of Robin brings balance to the Dark Knight and also restores hope that there are others out like him who seek justice. Robin is so shunned because of the 60's TV show. As Tommy G said, there was a lot of homosexual tendencies going on, which isn't a real problem but that's not how the character is portrayed at all in comics. Also, Robin took on this campy, corny demeanor which didn't sit well with people. Throw in the fact that Chris O'Donnell didn't do the character justice it has left a very bitter taste in peoples mouths.