Monday, March 29, 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine

Summary: Adam and Nick take their friend Lou (Rob Corddry) to a ski resort for a wild weekend in order to cheer him up due to his “attempted suicide”. The resort Nick (Craig Robinson) and Adam (John Cusack) decide to go to is the same place where they all partied at back in the 1980’s when life was fun, adventurous, and full of promise unlike their present lives. Along for the weekend trip is Jacob (Clarke Duke), Adam’s nephew, a young man desperately in need of breaking away from his computer and basement. While partying in the hot tub a can of Russian Red Bull spills on the controls and transports them back to 1986 when Michael Jackson was black (and alive), jerry curls were in, and clothes were dominated by BRIGHT colors. The guys are now faced with the decision whether they should play out their past lives the same way or do things different to change their future.

Plot (B): If you take the time travel theories from Terminator 2, The Butterfly Effect, and some other film (not Back To The Future) you end up with Hot Tub Time Machine. Now I didn’t specifically think up of those movies they were stated during the film. Yes it’s unoriginal, but honestly what does it matter…it’s a comedy so not everything needs to make sense. While the script is silly to say the least the likable cast brings more flavor to the film and allows everyone to laugh. The movie is funny there’s no doubt about it and it’s worth seeing now. However, if you decide to wait for the DVD you won’t be missing out. My suggestion: see it now it’s good for the laughs.

Action: (N/A)

Acting & Dialogue (B/B+): Cusack, Robinson, Corddry, and Duke really work well together. Their chemistry is very natural and they each bring something to the table. Robinson (Pineapple Express) was definitely my favorite. I have to say I found it very humorous watching him cry. The way he can act all tough one second then like a little bitch ass pussy is very entertaining and takes the skill of a genius. As for Cusack, It’s extremely fitting to have him star in a movie about the 80’s, even if they time travel back. Cusack brought the same delivery and performance from any film he made back then and it worked. He constantly questioned his choices, thought about his future and how it would work out or in this case why it didn’t. Corrdry (Semi-Pro and W.), the wild man of the group, and Duke have a unique relationship in this film. It goes without saying that Corrdry’s character HATES Duke so he finds creative ways to insult him. Chevy Chase has a cameo in this movie as the hot tub repair man who constantly speaking in metaphors to the guys thus pissing them off. While Chase isn’t super funny his presence is always appreciated. Cripin Glover (Back To The Future) is also in the movie and plays a depressed one-armed bell hop (who wouldn’t be) in the present and a happy go lucky bell hop in the ’86 with two arms. While I enjoyed watching the four main characters Glover’s performance was an added contribution which I found very appealing.

Sex Appeal (8): Insert Chia Pet Song- T-T-T-Titties! Another unknown woman decided to show her 36D gifts to America. Thank you! Thank you!

Director (B): Steve Pink is a relatively unknown guy but has a very diverse resume as an actor, writer, producer, and director. Besides directing Hot Tub Time Machine his next best movie was Accepted starring Justin Long and Johan Hill. He has worked with Cusack in the past which is perhaps the reason why he got the part. Since he’s unknown to the general public I’ll just say that he did a good job with this film.

Overall: B


  1. Sounds disturbingly a bit like "17 Again"...yes, that's right, i saw it! I'll probably check it out. Sounds like its alot funnier and 36DDs are always nice on the eyes.

  2. I am definitely going to see this now. It looked funny in the previews but you never know. Thanks, Movie Titan!