Thursday, June 17, 2010

Monster Squad Remake

The 1987 cult classic The Monster Squad is being remade by Paramount Pictures. Paramount has just signed cousin screenwriters Mark and Brian Gunn to head the project. This new film will be directed by Rob Cohen (Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, Daylight, XXX) who also produced the original. Therefore, this remake is in good hands if you are worrying. My only hope is that Cohen doesn't go crazy with the CGI. I would prefer to see very little CGI for that matter. What made the original so great was its simplicity and its dedication to traditional horror movie characters in terms of how they were depicted. I do not want to see a CGI Wolfman or Frankenstein. I want people to actually play these characters. Let us hope that this remake will do justice to our beloved original. Finally, let us also remember one important thing...Wolfman has nards!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. this is terrible news. there's no way a remake of this will even sniff the original. PLEASE SOMEONE IN HOLLYWOOD BE ORIGINAL JUST ONCE!!!!