Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nolan Confirms No Joker for Batman 3

Since the release of The Dark Knight people have been wondering if the Joker would return for the third Batman film. In a interview Nolan gave to Empire Magazine on his upcoming film Inception he was asked that question and he firmly stated "No." Rather than elaborating his reasons for not bringing the character back he stated, "I just don't feel comfortable about it." In my opinion, this isn't surprising in the least. Even if Heath Ledger didn't die I doubt Nolan would have brought him back for the third movie anyway. Nolan refuses to be a type of director that gets pigeonholed into certain things thus taking away the essence of the story. I believe Nolan has always had an overall vision for the Batman story and the Joker was just one part of it. As for which villain the Nolan brothers will bring in next has still yet to be determined but you expect the Clown Prince of Gotham not to show up in Batman 3.

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