Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bill and Ted 3!?!?!

You got it! The totally tubular dudes from San Dimas may be returning to for a third time. Bill and Ted's original writing team of Chis Matheson and Ed Solomon are working on a new story so there is a good chance that the Wild Stallions will be making a return. It's been almost 25 years since the original obviously age is a huge factor in my opinion. There was some discussion to handing it over to their kids but that already has been scratched. We've all know what Keanu Reeves has done with his career since the first Bill and Ted, however, Alex Winter has not been up to much. Random roles and voice overs fill up Winter's resume so for him this would be a huge step up. As for George Carlin's character Rufus he will not be recasted due to the death of Carlin. I think that's a smart move because it would be very difficult to replace such an iconic comedic actor. Only time will tell if this movie does get made for sure and part of me is somewhat skeptical of the quality. Bill and Ted was a film that worked for the time it took place in but I could be wrong.

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