Friday, September 17, 2010

The Fighter-Weight Loss and Weight Gain

In the trailer section I added The Fighter. It stars Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, and Amy Adams. I'm not going to discuss anything in relation to story other than it does look interesting. I would like to briefly discuss the dedication of Wahlberg and Bale. Since this film is based on a true story I really don't expect anything less from both of these actors. Wahlberg has always been in good shape dating to the 90's so it wasn't really an issue for him to bulk up like this. As for Bale he is no stranger to losing weight for a role. This is Bale's second time he's lost a significant amount of weight for a role, the first being The Machinist (2004). According to IMDB, Bale would disappear for hours at end in order to prepare for his role. Now, IMDB has been said to give bullshit facts but I really have to believe this one. Bale is a method actor to the core and he takes his roles extremely seriously. Obviously, you all heard his blow up at the director of lighting on the Terminator Salvation set. All that guy did was walk through the scene and Bale flipped out...talking about psychotic dedication. Overall, when I see such dedication like this it makes me happy and my confidence level in the film increases. It's dedication like this which separates actors like Bale and Wahlberg from other actors in Hollywood. Many actors and actresses, especially the young ones, stay in there comfort zone and get type cast...yea I'm talking to you Zac Effron. (Why don't you go pack on 25lbs for a role like Matt Damon did for The Informant then I may consider taking you seriously.) They feel the necessity to constantly work in their demographic, which inevitably hurts them. The ability to put your work before yourself is an essential element to not only gaining success but becoming one of the elite.

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