Monday, September 27, 2010

Ed Norton Up For Batman 3

In a recent interview Ed Norton gave with IGN he stated that he wouldn't say no to doing Batman 3 if he was offered the part.

IGN reports:

Speaking exclusively to IGN to promote new movie Stone, Norton said that he loved playing Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk, and that he has no hard feelings regarding Marvel’s decision to go with Mark Ruffalo on Avengers.

“I think I said everything I want to say in the one thing I put out about that” he explained. “It was a great privilege to do it, and I couldn’t be more appreciative of everybody’s support and positivity towards that because I love those films too. And I hate it when they miss. I hate it when they miss on one – it seems like such a wasted opportunity. But the truth is I’m probably more naturally interested in doing something that I haven’t done. I have only good thoughts towards that though.”

Norton revealed that the situation hasn’t put him off the notion of superhero movies however, saying that if a good project came along, he’s sign up.

“Chris Nolan’s making the best ones out there by far” he explained “I’d do one with him. He’s set a new bar for sure, and I think he’s done a great, great job.”

We pushed Norton as to whether he’d be up for playing a villain in Batman 3, with the actor replying “That would be fun, I would not say no to that.”

And more specifically we asked if he’d like to play the Riddler, with the star simply smiling and saying “Your guys can put their votes in on that.”

There is no doubt that Norton is one of the best actors of our generation or probably ever. His commitment and level of seriousness to any film is rivaled by few. I would be more than happy to see Norton in Batman 3. If this does happen the movie could potentially be better than The Dark Knight...yes I just said that. If Norton does get the opportunity to work with Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale, Michael Caine, and Gary Oldman then forget about it. Norton is no stranger to playing a character with a dark side i.e.) American History X, Primal Fear, so I have the utmost confidence in him. In no way am I taking anything away from Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who was rumored to play the Riddler, but lets face it Norton is a HUGE upgrade. As of now this is just talk so lets see what the future brings.


  1. Norton as the riddler would be great for the Batman series. You're right, it would have the potential to be better than The Dark Knight, which is tough to do.

  2. I dont know why but I just dont like the idea of Norton as part of this franchise. I love the man but I dont want to see him as a comic character. I much prefer the idea of Joseph Gordon-Levitt.