Friday, September 17, 2010

The Losers

Summary: A small military group is framed and reported dead after they defy their orders from a corrupt CIA agent who’s really trying to wage eco-terrorism. This group, called The Losers, must now “come back to life” to restore their names and take vengeance on the man who screwed them.

Plot (C+): The general storyline of The Losers reminds me of The A-Team. You know…a small tactical team that has worked together for a long time where each person specializes in a certain area and they get fucked over in some form or another. I was entertained by the story but it didn’t take a hold of me like The A-Team did. Perhaps if there was more depth to the story and characters it would have been better.

Action (B): Standard but well thought out military action scenes run through and through this film. I will say that any action film that has sniper in the group always catches my attention for some reason. I like seeing someone’s head get blown away out of nowhere or through the cross hairs of rifle scope. There’s something sadistically cool about it. There was also a hand to hand fight scene between Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character and Zoe Saldana character, which kind of pissed me off since Morgan is 6 ft something and well over 200 lbs and Zaldana is as light as a feather and probably 5’ 6…if that. It’s just not believable even for a movie. I don’t care how well trained her character is. One good punch from a man that size and you can rest assure the girl isn’t getting up until next week.

Acting & Dialogue (C+): Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen) played Clay, the leader of the group. Overall, Morgan is a pretty good actor whose physical presence fit in perfectly with the role. However, he was a bit monotone throughout the film and I felt that he didn’t take on the role of the Colonel as well as he should have. On a side note, the course of the movie takes place in several different locations over an unspecified amount of time but Morgan’s character never changed clothes. Not once! Except for the beginning of the film he’s dressed in a black suit and white unbuttoned shirt. That’s just dirty and didn’t make sense! Chris Evans (Fantastic Four) played Jensen, the computer tech guy, and as usual Evans brought his smirky comments and playful demeanor. While it worked in the film I’m hoping that he steps out of that shell and expands himself a bit more in the future. Evans has begun filming Captain America: The First Avenger so I hope he doesn’t bring the same style of acting to such an American pop culture icon. Zoe Saldana (Star Trek, Avatar) played Aisha and here is a girl who knows what she’s doing. Saldana is as beautiful as she is talented and I felt that her performance was really strong. She played Aisha as a tough woman who takes no shit from anyone but knows how to be sexy and seductive in order to get what she needs. Finally, there is Jason Patric (Speed 2: Cruise Control, Narc), who played the corrupt eco-terrorist CIA agent Max. Above all, Patric’s character and performance was my favorite. Although, Max was as bad and psychotic as they come he had a funny sense of humor to him, which contributed some comedy to the film.

Sex Appeal (7): Zoe Saldana in a bra and panties = nicey nice!

Director (C): I think this is what the film suffered from most. Sylvain White is pretty much an amateur director. His only directing credentials are Stomp the Yard and I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer. I have no patience for dancing movies whatsoever due to the fact of the poor acting, the shitty actors, and the weak script. As for I’ll Always Know…I had no fucking clue someone made a third installment of that series. If The Loser was directed by someone with more experience I’m fairly sure it would have been better.

Overall: C+

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