Friday, September 10, 2010

The Road

The Road is a powerful movie that examines post apocalyptic life. Throughout cinema history there has been several versions of what life would be like after an apocayplse and I would have to say The Road displayed the absolute worst. There is no explanation behind the apocayplse it just occurs. For some people that may be negative factor, while I myself, didn't mind the lack of explanation. It just simply happened. For those who were looking for an explanation I ask you: why? What good would have come out of it? In the case of the story it was something that couldn't have been prevented at all. Perhaps it was just nature taking its course thus turning the world into a barren waste land without sun. Above all, those two factors may haven been the scariest.

The absence of the sun and farmable land has killed any hope to get things back on track. Furthermore, it cemented the way people lived in the film, which was traveling around like nomads in search for food (or humans if you are a cannibal) and a better place. In reality there is nothing better down the road. Its all the same. Everything and place is hell.

What I found to be very interesting were the cannibals. Those who chose to eat humans instead of starving served to be the greatest threat to the main characters. I only wonder how long those people held out before they decided to consume their fellow man. Another interesting aspect regarding the cannibals was their lack morals and mercy. At one time these were just regular people. Maybe some were doctors, lawyers, or whatever, but once they decided to become a cannibal they lost all sense of humanity.

I found the story of Viggo Mortensen's character to be extremely sad and despressing just like the movie. Since the day of his son's birth his life centered around protecting him. He was the one that had to be strong for his son because his wife couldn't deal. I felt so bad for him and the emotional pain he endured daily. The fact that you may have to kill your own son just so he won't be taken by cannibals must be the worst feeling.

Overall, I found The Road to be a good movie but highly depressing. While it may be a bit slow at times the emotional and physical turmoil the characters go through keeps the story moving. This film is a one time see due to the fact that there is little to no happiness.

Overall: B

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