Sunday, July 18, 2010


Typically, I only write informal reviews for movies that suck. Well, this is NOT the case for Inception. By far Inception is the movie of summer and thus far the movie of the year. Even though it’s July I do not foresee a better film coming out. The reason why I’m writing an informal review is because this movie has such a DEEP and multilayered plot to it that there is no way for me to accurately portray my thoughts without explaining it. It has just proved to be too difficult. Furthermore, I think it's best that people walk into this movie blindly. The less the you know the better.

I will say that Inception is a movie like no other and it forces viewers to expand their own minds on the notions of dreams. The special effects, acting, action, and direction under Christopher Nolan are superb to say the least. Above all, the dialogue is where it’s at. You must pay close attention right from the start. At times you may even feel lost since there is SO much to absorb but stick with it. Inception is a very creative and thought-provoking film much like The Matrix was. One could argue that there are certain similarities between the two films. In some cases that’s true and in other’s it is not. What is completely obvious is that Nolan has truly outdone himself plain and simple. The intricacies of the story represent how creative Christopher Nolan’s mind really is. Therefore, the more times you watch this film the better you’ll understand everything. If he doesn’t receive an Oscar of some sort I’ll be truly shocked.

Again, all I’m going to say is definitely see this movie. It’s worth the money. If you can see it in IMAX it'll be even better. If you do see it and would like to discuss it or have any questions please leave a comment as I would be clarify or talk about it.

Overall: A


  1. It was a great movie. I saw it in IMax on opening night. On our way in, we were all given questionnaires. All of the questions were basically asking about IMax, and not about the film.

    While there was a good deal of action in the film, the reason the movie was good was because of the story. So I don't think seeing it in IMax added much, except $4 per ticket.

  2. Movie Titan, i completely concur with your Inception post. i absolutely loved the film. i just saw it a second time. Nolan is on absolute fire.

  3. cool action movie ^^. Like this!