Monday, July 26, 2010

Twilight: Eclipse

Before I explain my thoughts regarding the film I was being a good husband and took my wife to see the film. Big whoop! Wanna fight about it? (Anybody guess what current TV show that's from?) Looking back on it I should have just told her to sucker punch me in my balls every 20 minutes because it would have at least distracted me from the pain I was experiencing watching the movie.

I kept on hearing and reading how Eclipse was a good movie and by far the best of the series. While that may be the case it does not say much for the series overall. Eclipse was filled with cheesy and bad dialogue which made the movie drag on forever. There truly is no emotion behind the script, the characters, or the actors playing them. They are simply there and doing a job in which they're getting paid a shit load for. The action was okay at best but somewhat anti-climatic at the end. Everything I saw was so uninspired, uncreative, and predictable. I mean every time Edward and Jacob were exchanging heated words with each other it seemed like they were going to poke each other with their boners for Bella. It seems like there should have been a fight between those two guys because it would have made the story more interesting. There would have been more conflict and emotion to the story.

I honestly feel that the true fans are getting cheated out here. I 'm calling it now...10 years from now the young Twihards are going to mature and recognize how corny the series is. I heavily doubt the books were like that. From what I've heard they are written and depicted in a much different light....a better light! This is typical when a book becomes a movie and often understandable because its almost impossible to fit everything into 2 hours. However, it makes me wonder how/why a literary series with such popularity can't seem to translate well to the movie screen? If I were a fan I'd be pissed with what has been delivered. In some cases fans may not be disappointed with the series and that's totally cool for them. But like I said, I think they are being cheated.

What I really hate is having to deal with the people (on websites in particular) who hate on me for hating these movies. They come to the series' defense so quickly and say I'm the ignorant hater who can't let the movies just be. I'm sorry but those people are truly disillusioned. I honestly believe that they know the movies are shit so they become extremely defensive when something is said. People call these Twilight movies gay, I'll be honest I've said that myself, but in reality it's not gay. They're just very bad.

Overall: C-

By the you see how emotionless they are in that photo? Now, picture that for two hours.

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