Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Trailers Up

I just put up some new trailers. Check them out.

Solitary Man-starring Michael Douglas. If you saw Up in the Air you can kind of get the same feeling with both of these films. Men who are lost and don't know who they are because they become so entangled in their own lives.

Get Him to the Greek-starring Jonah Hill and Russel Brand. I put the Red Band trailer up because its funnier. At first, I thought the movie was going to be stupid but when I saw the trailer in Robin Hood plus the Red Band I found myself laughing a lot. It has the same director as Forgetting Sarah Marshall so there is definitely hope for this film.

Restrepo- A war documentary about one platoon in Afghanistan during the course of one year. This documentary was done by National Geographic therefore you will see the true affects of war on soldiers as well as their thoughts. This looks good!

The Killer Inside Me- starring Casey Affleck, Jessica Alba, and Kate Hudson. This film is catching some major buzz. Definitely worth checking out.

The American-starring George Clooney. An American James Bond movie set in Italy done with style and seriousness.

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