Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Release Date For Batman 3

On Monday a release date for the third Batman film was revealed by Warner Bros. We can expect the final installment to Christopher Nolan's trilogy on July 20, 2012. Even though there is a release date there is still no official title or plot line. There are no hints to what either will be only speculation by fans and critics. The highly secretive Nolan has always worked this way, even for his upcoming sci-fi film Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio. By doing so Nolan creates a high amount of anticipation among followers.

Nolan’s brother Jonathan, and David Goyer, will return as writers. Therefore we can expect the same type of quality as The Dark Knight. As for who the villain(s) will be that is also uncertain. We already know that Nolan will not go with Mr. Freeze or Killer Croc because that goes into the fantasy comic direction where characters have super-natural powers. Nolan has always stated his goal was to keep his Batman franchise as real as possible. I have no objections with that at all. Keeping it real is something that has made this series so interesting and different from other comic movies. While the writers have several other villains to pick from the top contenders are probably The Riddler, The Penguin, and Catwoman. Rumors are going around that Johnny Depp may play The Riddler and Philip Seymour Hoffman as The Penguin. I’m not as sure about Hoffman anymore since that was a few months ago, but there is still a bit of buzz regarding Depp. I think they should go with The Riddler because we’ll really see Batman’s detective solving skills and Depp would do a very good job (not to say Hoffman wouldn’t). I can only assume that they will keep the two villain combo. If that is the case I would like to see The Penguin as well. However, they may put Catwoman in there to serve as the love interest since Batman’s love, Rachael Dawes, is now dead. Honestly, this movie can go in any direction. Up until the release people will still question if this new one could measure up to the legendary status of The Dark Knight.

With all the uncertainty there is one thing that is. This film will complete the trilogy and we probably won’t see Nolan making another one. A fourth film would make the franchise too commercialized which is something Nolan despises. Furthermore, he always envisioned his work as a trilogy. If by chance that were to happen you can expect Nolan to call every single shot. He’d have so much power he could literally walk into the executives offices at Warner Bros. piss on their desks, marking his territory like my damn dog does in my house, and leave smiling.

As I mentioned above there is no title for this project. I read on another blog that Gotham may be the title. Who knows really? They could call it The Caped Crusader, but I think that’s too much like The Dark Knight since it’s a synonym. Maybe The Gotham Detective? What do you think they should call it? All I do know is that this film is already highly anticipated and 2012 couldn’t get here quick enough.


  1. ok i loved the dark night and i love batman but im kind of happy this is the final installment. dont jump down my throat people, im just saying HOW MANY batmans and remakes can there really be? i just think they should quit while ahead and while the movies are still very good.

  2. i absolutely cannot wait for this.

  3. That's one aspect that makes Nolan such a great and smart director. He's not going to beat a dead horse. Very few movies do well after a trilogy. Everything isn't as polished as it once was. If Warner Bros. ever decides to make another Batman movie without Nolan and Bale, they'll take the character into a different direction.

  4. Depp would make a great villain...a perfect fit as the Riddler.

    Good post.