Friday, May 7, 2010

Sex in the City 2: Menopause, Botox, and Dreadful Fashion

As if one Sex in the City movie was more than enough a sequel is coming out May 27. Why? Why God? Why? After seeing the trailer on TV we come to find that these over the hill women, except for Kristin Davis who is still so hot, are going to Abu Dhabi for some bullshit reason or another. Haven’t we seen enough of this particular foursome yet? I’ll admit they had a strong run on for several years on HBO, but even after a while it got so repetitive. They were always unsure of what or who they wanted that after a while it all sounded like blah blah blah blah. I only hope that due to the intense heat that it caused some of their Botox to leak out. Before I concluded, what the fuck is up with this picture? Kim Cattrall looks like she’s about to be mummified with that outfit on. Cynthia Nixon looks like those huge multi-color circular lollipops. I hope they all fell several times in the desert and found it difficult to wash the sand out of their vagina hair. Don't act like it doesn't happen ladies!


  1. ok hold your horses. as the movie titan how can you make SUCH criticisms on a movie you have not seen. i agree that it has been repetitive which is why they pulled the plug but the first movie was necessary to conclude big and carrys story. having said that i have no idea whats in store for movie number two. 3 of the 4 are now married it was wayyyyy better when they were all single. the location seems ridiculous considering its sex and the CITY. buttttt the show itself was amazing and ill defend it forever. ill let you know how the movie is.

  2. They concluded their storyline at the series finale by getting back together. By making a movie you just see that Carrie is as scared and undecided as ever. Also, I dont have to see something to know that its bad. I can spot a pile of shit from a mile away and this stinks of it.

  3. Loved the show, thought the movie was ridiculous. These ladies need to give it up.