Sunday, May 16, 2010

Piranha 3D

When I see trailers for movies like this I truly become amazed at the amount of shit that comes out of Hollywood. I'm more then sure there are hundreds, probably thousands, of scripts written by talented writers desperately aching for their piece of work to made into a movie but they can't. However, some jackass who blew the right person got this hunk of garbage to be made. It simple amazes me. What really pisses me off is the part in the trailer where Ving Rhames is telling everyone to clear the lake but they don't. The SECOND someone told me to clear a lake, or any body of water for any reason, you can be sure that my white Italian ass is getting to land, okay. I saw Jaws. I saw Lake Placid and Orca (the latter two were shit by the way). There are way too things under the water for me to test fate against, which is why those characters really piss me off, even though its a movie. Finally, screen writers and directors have been trying for years to recreate the suspense and horror that Jaws brought and have failed. Jaws was the really the first movie of its kind. Everything else has been a shitty replica.

As you can see, this movie is in 3D for some reason. That's even more money wasted!


  1. LOL I love when you get irritated, Titan! Its so amusing!

    p.s. Loving the links for the trailers. Very convenient, thanks

  2. Thanks on both accounts. This movie just looks so bad I couldn't help it.