Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10 Romantic Movie Options to Watch for Valentine’s Day

1. Don Juan DeMarco (1994) - To be honest you can’t go wrong with this movie. Romance seeps out of the screen and into your T.V room. What makes this movie even better is watching a young and truly talented Johnny Depp work with the great Marlon Brando. Their styles complement each other allowing the viewer to indulge and fully appreciate the story.
2. Moonstruck (1987) – Another personal favorite of mine because it combines comedy, Italian food, and romance. I saw this movie when I was very young (thanks to my parents) and it has always stuck with me. The intensity that Nicholas Cage brings to his character is at the same time humourous and capitivating. Cher’s groundbreaking performance is unforgettable.
3. Chocolat (2000) – Another solid romantic film for those who love Johnny Depp. Although he is not the main actor he does play the love interest of Juliette Binoche. What’s some charming about this film is air of magic in the idea that a simple chocolate can ignite passion and life in a lifeless town and its people.
4. The Notebook (2004) - Yes, this movie screams chick flick but the message it sends is moving and true. Being in love is a difficult endeavor because there are so many ups and downs. However, it’s the loyalty and dedication the main characters give to each other, which correctly depict what true love is. Like I said before, being in love is no easy thing and if you really care for someone you’ll go to whatever lengths for them.
5. 9 ½ Weeks (1986): This sexually charged movie stars Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger both in the prime of their youth. This movie is so hot and lustful you are bound to have sex during and/or after the movie. To get a clear picture of this film allow me to quote the beginning of the Nine Inch Nails song “Closer”, “You let me violate you. You let me desecrate you. You let me penetrate you. You let me complicate you.” Enough said!
6. Ladyhawke (1985) – Guys, this is a good movie for you because it incorporates medieval sword fights (which is just up my alley) as well as romance for the ladies. It stars Rutger Hauer, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Matthew Broderick. This movie shows that overwhelming, and even otherworldly adversity, cannot break true love.
7. The Princess Bride (1987) - A great classic that everyone loves including myself. One thing I never understood was that Westley always said, “As you wish.” to Buttercup. Let’s see him say that if she said she wanted to put something up his ass during a fight. Apart from this love story the other characters bring so much flavor and fun to the film. "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father! Prepare to die!"
8. True Romance (1993) – An amazing movie written by Quentin Tarantino (guys this is another movie you’ll love) with an ALL-STAR cast including Christian Slater, Patricia Arquette, Brad Pitt, Gary Oldman, Val Kilmer, Christopher Walken and the list continues on and on. This movie depicts the extreme and volatile lengths a loving couple will go to in order to protect each other.
9. Last Tango in Paris (1972) – Another sexually driven film. This one stars Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider that takes place in…you guessed it…PARIS. A Parisian woman and an American man enjoy a relationship that is solely based on physical passion and pleasure, which isn’t anything new in today’s age. I will be honest with you I haven’t seen this movie, but I heard good things and it’s like a porno so it can’t be all that bad.
10. Jerry McGuire (1996) –I love this movie because this is one of Tom Cruise’s best performances and you really see the depth of his skill. Also, Renee Zellweger’s dedication to a man, who is doing everything he can in order to make it, is sincere. (The fact that she isn’t the size of stick is nice too). What I really like about this film is the message. You can have everything or nothing in life but it’s the love and support of another that makes the hard times easier and the good times sweeter.


  1. What a great list! 9 1/2 weeks is one of the hottest movies ever! Definitely gonna rent Last Tango in Paris this week.

    Thanks, Movie Titan!

  2. Jon, I LOVE your list!!! And your comments are hilarious!! You are really good at this! Love u, Alyce xoxo

  3. thanks for the listing of valentines movies ; i had forgotten most of these classics

  4. I love that you named two Johnny Depp movies!!! I forgot all about Don Juan DeMarco. Classic! I am going to check out some of the older films you listed as well.

  5. What a selection. Moonstruck just captivates everything italian. What would one do without the kitchen table. The central core of it all!

    Chocolat divine delicious chocolat. How can anyone live without it or love...

    Notebook, true passion never dies it will always find its way back

  6. The Princess Bride is SUGH a great movie....I only wish I had looked at this list before yesterday and I would've had Rob watching romantic movies all day :o) I like the list idea though....can't wait to see the next Movie Titan top 10 list!