Monday, February 1, 2010


Summary: God has lost faith in mankind and sends his angels to annihilate civilization. He commands the archangel Michael to find and kill a pregnant waitress whose child is mankind’s only savior. Michael disobeys God’s command because he still has faith in humans and sets out to protect her.

Plot (C+): Legion has somewhat of an interesting plot but falls short of delivering. I wanted more than what was given. If the story focused entirely on Michael then it would have been more interesting. However, it goes back and forth between the other cast members who aren’t that interesting and Michael who is.

Action (B-): Legion has the typical gun fights like every other movie. It’s nothing outstanding but at the same time it doesn’t suck. The fight scene between Michael and the archangel Gabriel is cool. What is cool, however, is Michael’s mercilessness. He does anything to protect the girl and her child, which includes gunning down Kate Walsh in cold blood.

Acting/Dialogue (B-): Paul Bettany is a very good actor and he did a good job portraying the great archangel Michael. Dennis Quaid and Kate Walsh (formerly on “Grey’s Anatomy” and currently on “Private Practice”) are also strong co-stars. Even Hollywood’s shittiest actor Tyrese Gibson is not horrible, but then again he doesn’t have that many lines…thank God.

Sex Appeal (N/A): Unless you have a fetish for hot pregnant women (I do and I’m proud of shut-up) don’t expect much.

Director (C+): This is Scott Stewart’s sophomore film and he did a decent job. He’s mainly known for his work in the visual effects area. If you look on IMDB you’ll see that he has an arsenal of movies he’s worked on such as: Blade Runner, Sin City, Superman Returns, and Iron Man. According to IMDB, he did not take any credit on the visual effects in Legion but I’m more than sure he had input.
Overall: C+

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