Friday, February 5, 2010


Summary: This vampire movie is different from the ones that have preceded it. In this storyline, vampires are now the majority of the world’s population and humans are the minority…in fact they are extinct. Since human blood serves as the vampires main source of food the vampire community is searching for a blood substitute. If these guys only had True Blood their problems would be solved.

Plot (B): Intriguing and original story line ad mist the whole vampire craze in the U.S. There is no sappy love story. These vampires don’t glitter in the sun like they do in the Twlight Saga (which is blasphemy in regards to vampire mythology.) They simply burn and die.

Action (B-): There is nothing truly special about the action in Daybreakers. If you have seen one vampire eat someone then you have seen them all. What’s interesting to see is when the starving vampires come across human blood they succumb to their animal side in order to feed their hunger.

Acting & Dialogue (B): Good dialogue that keeps the viewer interested in the movie. This is unlike Public Enemies where I prayed something interesting would happen. Pay attention to the newspaper headlines in opening credits, which somewhat explain how everyone is a vampire.

Sex Appeal (N/A): Unless you’re the type of person that likes frail, almost bloodless, and saggy bodies don’t expect much. However, if you’re the Jeffrey Dahmer type you’ll definitely get off on the cannibalism.

Director (B): Directed (and written) by the Spierig Brothers, Michael and Peter. This is their third film together. I’ll be honest I never heard of them or their first two movies, Undead (2003) and The Big Picture (2000), but then again those were my college years and I was too busy being intoxicated therefore could have cared less. However, for their third film it was good. Of all their movies this had a solid cast: Ethan Hawke, Sam Neill, and Willem Defoe. Obviously they saw something in the script and were able to translate it to the screen.

Overall: B

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