Thursday, February 18, 2010

Inglourious Basterds

Summary: A secret American army squad of Jewish soldiers, known as the Basterds, are dropped into Nazi occupied France to do one thing…kill Nazi’s in retribution for the ongoing Holocaust. The team is led by Lt. Aldo “the Apache” Raine (the only non-Jewish solider played by Brad Pitt). The film does not center entirely on the Basterds, it also depicts the effects they have on the Germans. There is also another sub-story that indirectly relates to the main plotline but you need to watch to find out.

Plot (A): After I saw this movie for first time I was blown away. When I watched it for a second time the other night I had the same reaction. When one watches a Quentin Tarantino movie you are sucked into his world where rules cease to exist. This isn’t your typical war movie. The story is gruesome and extreme, but entertaining, authentic, and different at the same time.

Action (A): One thing I love about a Tarantino movie is the action. You’re never going to get the typical action sequence like you would with other movies. He is extremely creative with the way he depicts action and death. For example, Lt. Raine demands 100 Nazi scalps from EACH of his soldiers and boy do they deliver. To be honest that’s the tip of the iceberg…there’s so much more. If you have a weak stomach and don’t like blood then this isn’t the movie for you.

Acting & Dialogue (A): As with every other Tarantino film, the story is heavily dominated by dialogue. Not just good dialogue but great dialogue. Tarantino specifically wrote the role of Lt. Raine for Brad Pitt and did not have anyone else in mind. Pitt did a superb job in this film unlike he did in Troy (Hey Brad can I have my $10 back. No, better yet. Take that money and go buy a Gillette razor and shave that pubic looking goatee off). As good as Pitt was, it is Christoph Waltz who is the shining star of this film. Waltz plays SS Officer Lans Handa. He steals every scene he is in. Waltz gives the film an added jolt of energy with his command of four different languages. His character is deceiving and evil but extremely respectful, charming, and cunning. Waltz will most likely win for Best Supporting Actor next month.

Sex Appeal (N/A): These soldiers don’t have the time to tap some local French ass. They’re too busy killing, scalping, and enjoying the fun of that.

Director (A): I can honestly say I’ve never seen a bad Tarantino movie. He has securely created a niche for himself in the land of cinema. Like his other films, Inglourious Basterds has several layers forcing viewers to come back and reexamine everything. In my opinion, he is a brilliant director and writer (he wrote Basterds) who revolutionized the cinema industry dating back to 1992 with Reservoir Dogs. Although he probably won’t win for Best Director this year, his time has arrived and he should be formally rewarded.

Overall: A


  1. agree with review but movie was too violent

  2. Yes it was but that's classic Quentin Tarantino for you.

  3. yes, but entirely accurate of just how violent war is. gross but true.

  4. i like what you had to say about the movie, and i do agree with you it was worth seeing more than once.