Monday, February 1, 2010

The Book of Eli

Summary: In a post-apocalyptic Earth a loner by the name of Eli (that would be Denzel Washington if you’ve been under a rock and haven’t seen the previews) wanders the scorched US heading west. The only thing of true value he owns is his bible….the last bible. Upon his journey, he must protect himself and the Bible from cannibals and psychotic town’s people.

Plot (B/B+): Did you see Waterwold? If you did then The Book of Eli is along the same lines but instead of water everywhere there’s sand. To be honest, the story was original and at points I felt sorry for Eli for what he’s exposed to. However, when/if you see the film then you’ll understand why it has received shitty reviews.

Action (A): I wish there was more action in this movie because it would have really carried this film. Eli is literally fucking people up left and right. In 20 seconds his dismembers a group of at least 10 guys with a machete and then walks out…that shit was ballin’.

Acting & Dialogue (C-/D+): This is where the movie falls flat. Denzel doesn’t have that many lines and you have to pay attention to learn the Earth’s present condition. More than half of the movie you’re watching Eli walk. In the beginning he’s walking by himself in slow motion, then it’s some more of the same shit, this is followed by Eli and Mila Kunis walking together…IN SLOW MOTION! It’s like the Hughes Brothers want to kill you…slowly.

Director (C-): It’s safe to say that the Hughes Brothers did not hit a home-run with Eli. As I said before the story is interesting but the Hughes Bros. should have taken it in a better direction. I will give them a pass on this film because they previously directed Menace II Society, Dead Presidents, and From Hell.

Overall: C-

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