Monday, February 1, 2010

The Hurt Locker

Summary: This film takes place in Baghdad 2004 and is the story of an Army bomb squad. It mainly centers on Jeremy Renner’s character who is an adrenaline junkie. He recognizes death is everywhere but doesn’t care because diffusing bombs is the only thing he truly loves despite being married and having a son.

Plot (A): If you want an inside look of what US troops deal with day in and day out in this war we are in then watch this movie. You’ll be blown away!

Action (A): Look…this is a military movie. You’re going to get plenty of nail biting, high packed action. By the end of the movie you’ll have more respect for our soldiers and recognize anyone who does that type of job needs a cat scan. I sure as shit will never do it.

Acting & Dialogue (A+): Not only does this movie deliver in action but it is the dialogue and acting that truly takes center stage. You’ll notice that the actors portraying these soldiers not only deal with fighting a war but they deal with personal issues caused by war. Their emotions and thoughts are transparent through their faces and eyes.

Sex Appeal (N/A): C’mon! This is a war movie there is none. If you want to see sexual situations in a war flick go put on Jarhead and watch Jake Gyllenhaal rail his girlfriend up against the wall for 5 seconds then go attempt to jerk-off in a bathroom to her picture.

Director (A): Since its debut Kathryn Bigelow was getting Oscar buzz. She did an excellent job with this film. I mean she directed Point Break need I say more. Her presentation of story is truly amazing and she also did a fine job working with the editor. There is one common theme that relates The Hurt Locker with Point Break and that’s adrenaline. Patrick Swayze’s character was driven by this and wanted to live life on the edge. The same goes for Jeremy Renner’s character. I guess she knows how to depict that trait well. DO NOT be surprised if she wins!

Overall: A


  1. Great review. Thanks, I will make sure to check this one out.

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  3. Saw "The Hurtlocker" last night. Real intense action scenes. I definitely agree this movie is worth watching. Funny Jarhead reference in your review. Good work! Keep it up.