Saturday, March 13, 2010

Green Zone

Summary: Weeks after the2003 invasion of Iraq, the United States military forces are searching for Weapons of Mass Destruction but are having no luck. Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller (Matt Damon), who leads the WMD unit, starts to question if such weapons exist within the country. The more he searches for answers the more bureaucratic cover up he finds.

Plot (B-): Only in America can its people make a movie about how our government royally screwed up. By taking actual events and transferring them to the silver screen this film allows for a stronger sense of authenticity. The film is based on the book by Rajiv Chandrasekaran, former Baghdad Bureau Chief of the Washington Post, so if you‘re wondering about the validity of what is shown take it up with Rajiv. With that said, this film was entertaining but I wasn’t spectacular at the same time.

Action (B): Good action that shows the general audience how American troops get the job done! At the same time it’s nothing different than anything I’ve seen before.

Acting & Dialogue (B+): You’re never going to get a bad performance from Matt Damon. He’s just too good. He spoke with a slight Southern accent and incorporated military jargon, which adds to his character. What’s even better about this film is that many of the extra’s used in the film, especially with Damon’s unit, were actual soldiers. Therefore, what you see during the film is what our military forces do. Greg Kinnear (Stuck on You), Brendan Gleeson (Gangs of New York), and Jason Issacs (The Patriot) also star in the film and provide a strong supporting cast. Kinnear plays Clark Poundstone (perhaps brother of Paula Poundstone) the bureaucratic pencil pusher. I wish him and Damon had more screen time together. They’re awesome in Stuck on You and could have really elevated this movie higher.

Sex Appeal: N/A

Director (B): Paul Greengrass, who directed the last two installments of the Bourne series, did a good job with this action flick. Greengrass shot the movie the same way as The Bourne Supremacy and Ultimatum where he used a lot of hand held camera. This means several things: the camera is moving a lot so it hard to focus, there are a lot of quick cuts, and my wife would definitely get sick if she saw this. There is a deeper meaning for shooting that kind of way. It’s supposed to represent the chaos and unbalance in the characters life. While it served great for the Bourne movies I don’t feel it was necessary for this movie.

Overall: B


  1. i think good will hunting is the best film/acting from matt damon and again one of my all time favorites. movie titan, what would you rank as damon's top five movies?

  2. 1. Good Will Hunting...he won an Oscar for it and showed his diversity. Tough yet sensitive at the same time.
    2. Rounders...great movie and about poker so you cant beat that. This movie is really about the dialogue.
    3. The Bourne Series...he is kicking ass left and right but his pain is visible.
    4. The Ocean can clearly see the development of his character throughout the films. In the first film he's so innocent and green and by the third he's a pro.
    5. Stuck on see his ability as a comedic actor which is something you didnt see previous. Funny movie and good concept.
    *6. Dogma...a great script and cast. Working with Affleck for a second time was great. His character is diabolical, clever, and funny. Loved this movie!

  3. Man I dont know about the validity of this movie, it is very hard to go "rogue" and have your own agenda doing whatever you want in a war zone. There is no way you can go off and do your own thing you would get in a ton of trouble, loose rank and would be cleaning shitters for the rest of your career. I havent seen it yet but when I get a copy ill let you know, I still have to watch Hurt Locker.

  4. Thanks for the warning about the shaky camera style of filming. I hate it! Vomit! Definitely wont see this one. Even though I do love Damon!

  5. I definitely hear and agree with you in that regard. That was a question of mine during the movie. At the same time isn't it ok because that is what he is specifically there for, to find the WMD's? In the film he questioning the intel and its authenticity. Not to give anything away and its not a plot spolier by any means, but he starts to work with Brendan Gleenson who is CIA. So in that regards is it still ok? I think its worth checking out so you can clarify any misinterpretations because Im interested in knowing how it works.

  6. As soon as I get my hands on it ill let you know. CIA is authorized to do whatever the hell they want not the army though. Looks like a good movie though, MATT DAMON!