Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pauly Shore: Actor of the Month

Why: Pauly Shore has contributed several cult-like comedies and he deserves proper recognition in the eyes of The Movie Titan. Although he starred in some television shows in the late 1980’s (21 Jump Street and Married With Children) it wasn’t until 1992 that he came into his element with Encino Man as Stoney Brown aka the Weasel. His signature long curly hair and unique dialect set him apart from his contemporaries especially when he told America to “Squeeze the ju-uicccee!” Shore then went on to star in Son in Law as Crawl or as the father referred to him as Crotch, In the Army Now, and Jury Duty. But in my opinion his best performance was in Bio-Dome as Bud Macintosh. Co-starring Stephen Baldwin, before he got super religious and ceased to be funny, Bio-Dome is funny from start to finish. I, along with my friends, quote this movie more than any other Shore film, “Free Mahi -mahi! Free Mahi -mahi!”; (wearing the Helium mask) “Dennis Hopper Blue Velvet: “Oh I’m slutty oh I’m slutty!”

Although Pauly Shore is more known for racking up bunny tail at the Playboy mansion these days, you can’t deny his sense of humor and his ability to create words like “grindage” =food. For reasons such as these I award March’s Actor of the Month to Pauly Shore. Now excuse me while I go watch some Jeo……..pardy!!!


  1. Bahahaha This post took me back to mid-nineties middle-school sleepovers with Pauly Shore movie marathons! Great stuff!!!

  2. Perfect picture choice - totally captures the essence (and dare I say greatness) of Mr. Pauly Shore!

  3. LOL I totally forgot about meat group. Nice!

  4. favorite quote from BIO DOME:

    Miss? If you were yogurt, would you be fruit at the bottom or stirred? - classic pickup line, try it. haha

  5. he would know if it works.

    jon, you are a movie genious .